“The Kingdom Without Rhyme”

written by Maurice M. Hebert. Mograce Publishing, 2018.

The King has declared that "it is now a crime at any place and any time to read speak or write anything that rhymes" As an overreaction to a strange curse, King Vyrnan places the language of his kingdom in exile. How will the citizens respond? What is the plan to restore their language to its former glory? Are you ready and able to help?

A whimsical text with delightful illustrations involves the reader in an attempt to rescue the king and the language of the kingdom. Be sure to read this one out loud to your children - they will truly enjoy it!

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“What Would I Do? An A to Z Journey”

written by Maurice M. Hebert. Mograce Publishing, 2016.

A playful and imaginative romp through occupations and situations. This book explores various occupations from Astronaut to Zookeeper. The delightful illustrations by Megan Tennant and the rhyming text will encourage young readers to use their imaginations in forming questions and answers regarding situations they may find themselves in. 

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